Monday, September 30, 2013

Come and See


John 1:35-39

35  Again the next day after John stood, and two of his disciples;
36  And looking upon Jesus as he walked, he saith, Behold the Lamb of God.
37  And the two disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus.
38  Then Jesus turned, and saw them following, and saith unto them, What seek ye? They said unto him, Rabbi, (which is to say, being interpreted, Master,) where dwellest thou?
39  He saith unto them, Come and see. They came and saw where he dwelt, and abode with him that day: for it was about the tenth hour.

Jesus asked, "What seek ye?" They answered, "Master where dwellest thou?" 
Jesus answered, "Come and see." 

John 1:45-46

45  Philip findeth Nathanael, and saith unto him, We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of  Nazareth, the son of Joseph. 
46  And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see. 

Here Philip told Nathanael, they had found the Messiah. Nathanael asked, "Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?" Philip answered, "Come and see." 

Today, Jesus is calling out, saying "Come and see. Come dwell with me; I in you and you in me! Come see that the Lord is good. Come and see that my burden is light. Come and see my yoke is easy. Come and see; that I will give you rest for your soul."

John 1:51

51  And he saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of  God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.

Jesus answered, "Ye shall see."  We the Church are calling out to the lost. Come and see the glorious salvation of the Lord.

In John chapter 4, There came a woman of Samaria to Jacobs well. Jesus came to the city of Samaria, he was tired so he stopped to rest at the well, while his disciples went into the city to get food. Around noon the woman came to the well to draw water, and Jesus spoke to her.

"Give me to drink." And she said; "How is it you being a Jew ask of me to give you drink?" For the Jews had no dealings with the Samaritans.

Jesus answered her and said; If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.

The woman saith unto him, "Sir, thou hast nothing to draw with, and the well is deep: from whence then hast thou that living water?"  Jesus said, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

The woman said, "Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw.
Jesus said, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.
The woman answered, " I have no husband."
Jesus said, Thou hast well said, I have no husband: for thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly.
The woman said, "Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet."

The woman departed into the city and called all the men of the town and said. "Come and see a man who told me everything I have ever done. Is this not the Christ?"

Today, Jesus is still saying "Come and see. Come taste of the Lord, see that He is good!"

David spoke in Psalm 27:13

I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Matthew 5:8

Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God.

1 John 3:2 

Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

Come and  see.

Created by: Brittany Jenkins
Last Days Ministries Apostolic Church

Monday, September 23, 2013

Applying the Blood

To experience the new birth, the blood of Jesus must be applied.

Applied Science

Struggling to cut firewood with only an ax, a backwoodsman went into town and purchased a well-advertised chain saw. Not having any better success at cutting wood with the chain saw, he returned to the store and complained. The salesperson gave him a demonstration of how to operate the chain saw. As the salesperson pulled the cord starting the gasoline engine, the woodsman said, "What is that noise?"The man had a good tool for cutting wood, but he failed to learn how to use it. Without its engine running it offered no more power to accomplish the job than his ace had provided. A fundamental concept is obvious in this anecdote: we must realize our responsibility to do something. Having a chain saw alone does not help us cut wood. We must start the engine. Some seem never to understand that salvation requires action. We have to do something. Jesus came in flesh and shed His blood, but that blood must be applied to be effective for us. Scripture gives a detailed step-by-step formula for the application of that blood. Carefully read the instruction book. The blood of Jesus Christ is efficacious, but it must be properly applied.

By R.L. Gilstrap

Because the blood of Jesus is sufficient for all human beings, no person need fear that any past sin, filthy depravity, or station in life can keep him from becoming cleansed by that blood. However, because God desires us to come to Him freely, of our own will, we may also choose to reject His atonement to live and to die in our sins. Still, Christ continues to call to all mankind that they might experience the new birth.

1. Applying the blood in the Old Testament

Unless the sacred furnishings and objects of the Tabernacle were sprinkled with blood, they were not acceptable for worship of God. Until the people had the blood applied by ritual sprinkling, they were not able to approach a holy God. Hebrews 9:13-14 tells us, "for if the blood of bulls and of goats, and the ashes of heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctified to the purifying of the flesh: how much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?"

 2. Applying the blood in the New Testament

The clear answer of the Bible is that the blood is necessarily applied throughout our conversion and Christian experience. Without the blood of Christ applied to our minds, we could not initially believe the gospel, repentance would be of no effect, and baptism would just get us wet. Except the blood cleanse us, the Holy Spirit could not take up residence within us. Holiness of life and thought are impossible without His blood cleansing us moment by moment.

We are washed and completely cleaned by the blood of Jesus, but our feet still get directly just form our daily walk. This requires the blood of Jesus' sacrifice on Calvary to be applied to our lives daily. We appropriate the blood of Jesus for daily cleansing by daily repentance, reading, studying, and applying the principles of Scripture, praying, fasting, and following other spiritual disciplines.

Sinfulness has made us spiritually insensitive to the awfulness of sin and its penalty. But God has made a means through His own blood to simultaneously show us the cost of our sinfulness and pay that cost for us. No one need die in his sins. The price has already been paid in full and reconciliation has already been made. The only reasons the majority of people will go to Hell is because they have reject the price Jesus paid by failing to apply His blood to their lives. He has laid before us a new life in fellowship and peace with Him.

Every believer has authority over disease and sickness through the power of Jesus' blood and of His name.

Created by: Jocelyn Jones

References: Davis, Richard. Lessons from History for Christian Living. Winter 2012-2013. Hazelwood: Word Aflame Publications, 2013. 84-90. Print.

Monday, September 9, 2013


In·teg·ri·ty - Moral soundness, an undivided or unbroken completeness.

Unlike the sinking sand of this world's system and ways, Jesus Christ is our solid foundation. We can build our houses upon him and know that it will be safe and secure. As Godly children we must reflect the attributes of our Father. He is the solid rock, nothing moves him. The scriptures give an account to his integrity and determination as he was being tempted by the devil in the wilderness. Although he was tired from forty days and nights of fasting all by himself, he still kept his integrity. We also see the incredible integrity of The Lord as he journeyed to the cross. 

Isaiah 53:7
"He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth".

It is easy to uphold your integrity in public. The real testing comes in your private life. It is easy to display your anointing and how approved you are of God in the public eye. But what about behind closed doors? Or maybe in light of peer pressure? Compromise of your Christian identity can most conveniently be sown in these areas of our lives. Joseph went through a private test that lead to public embarrassment when Potiphar's wife propositioned him to commit adultery with her. When he refused she proceeded to lie on him, resulting in his imprisonment. Yet through all this Joseph still maintained his integrity.   

Genesis 39:9
"How can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?" 

Jacobs answer is powerful and serves as an example for saints everywhere who wish to keep their Christian integrity. He simply loved The Lord and did not want to sin against him. The Lord was his foundation and his strength, how could he forsake the very God who had been keeping him all his life? His integrity was deeply rooted in the Lord.

The reward for integrity
Job received double for his trouble, Joseph was exalted to the second highest position in Pharaoh's kingdom. The Apostle Paul had this great testimony after keeping his integrity. 

2 Timothy 4:7-8
"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day:and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing".

Not only do we give honor and glory to God by living with Christian integrity, but there is great reward in keeping our integrity. Let no one turn you away from this great salvation through compromise. As the scripture says "Stand strong and endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ." God bless.

Authored by:
Min. John W Jenkins