Monday, August 12, 2013

The Coming King of the Universe

The Holy Scriptures, commonly known as the Bible has always foretold of a coming Conqueror. From the fall of man in the Garden of Eden (Gen 3:15), to the highly descriptive lines of the book of Revelation (Rev19:11-21), this Conquerer is none other than the One True God of the Jewish people and believing Gentiles. In 1Samuel12:12, the Lord is called the King of Israel, and we later find that He also called the King of all the earth (Ps 47:1-2). In Jewish understanding, the Bible being written entirely by Jews, from the Old Testament to the New, the term earth can not only denote the planet on which we live, but also the whole of the universe (Socino Press Pentateuch, Dr. J H Hertz), hence the God assumed existing within the pages of the Scriptures is the King of the whole earth, or the whole universe. As time passes God reveals more of His plan for mankind to us as well as His personal character. We find in the Scriptures various passages about God coming to the earth as well as a Messiah (anointed one) who comes to reign on the throne of David to rule the earth (2Sam7:12-16, Zech14:3-4). This Messiah is said to be of ancient or everlasting origins, making Him as endless as God Himself, but also being identified as God Himself (Mic 5:2, Is 9:6). As we move to New Testament times, we find that this King of Israel, the King of all the earth is none other than the Messiah Himself, Jesus (Jn 1:49). Jesus, as well as the prophets told of the signs and seasons of which the Lord Jesus would return in His Second coming, His first coming being to save mankind from the sin which Adam had placed us in. As we look around us and read the news, the signs of His coming are all around us, from the increase in knowledge over the passed century (Dan 12:4), the abundance of wickedness (Matt 24:12), the many people deceived into false teachings (Matt 244-5,11), the constant state of war (Matt 24:6-7), Israel being reestablished as it's own nation (Matt 24:32), to the love of self that this generation has (1Tim3:1-9). But for the Saint (set apart one) of  the Lord Jesus, these are all signs to rejoice, because that means our sojourn here is almost over. The Lord Jesus was definitely about having love and compassion, but He also stood for the righteousness of God against sin, and it's in Jesus that God Almighty will be the Judge of all the earth (Rom 2:16). So if we have not prepared ourselves for His coming, let us get ready. For those of us who have been born again as the Lord Jesus instructed (Jn3:1-8)  as well as living a set apart (holy) life from the ways of this world, let us stay prepared, for He is near, even at the doors (Matt 24:33).

Authored by:
Min. Christopher Bateman
Last Days Ministries Apostolic Church