Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sign of the Covenant

Throughout the Scriptures we find various Covenants that the Almighty God made with men throughout history. One of the first is the one made with mankind as a whole through Noah after He flooded the earth due to the gross wickedness of man in those days (Gen 8-9). It was instituted with a blood sacrifices of clean animals, but there was a sign that was given as a reminder of that covenant for both God and man, the sign of the Rainbow. This is a reminder of what happened but also of God’s mercy upon sinful mankind, and with it came commandments that all mankind were to keep to remain within the safety zone of the covenant.

As we move forward we find that the Lord calls a man named Abram out of a pagan and idolatrous society to a life of righteousness (in right relationship with and before God) and worship of the One True God of creation, as was meant to be from the beginning. Eventually God also makes a covenant with Abram while also changing his name to Abraham, by which he is best known. This too was accompanied by animal sacrifices to signify the repercussion’s to the party that broke the covenant, as well as a sign of the covenant as a reminder to both parties. This sign for Abraham is that of circumcision for all his male descendant’s and anyone who wanted to join him in worship of the One True God. This covenant and sign is told to be everlasting upon his descendant’s, those who did not partake of the sign did not take part of the covenant and were not allowed into full fellowship with Abraham’s household but were said to be “cut off” or separated because they had broken the covenant of the Almighty (Gen 17)

As we fast forward we come to the New Covenant instituted by Messiah/Christ, we are also given a token of His covenant when we desire to be partakers of it, and just like previous covenants, it was instituted by a blood sacrifice, this time on behalf of those who desire to be in fellowship with the Creator of all we see and don’t see. The New Covenant has it’s conditions of how to properly abide in the Covenant and what it takes to be separated from God’s Covenant people, and it comes with a very special sign.
Ten days after the Messiah’s resurrection, His disciples were gathered together for the Feast of Pentecost for that particular year, in doing so they were following their Master’s instructions. As they prayed together the most amazing thing happened! There was a loud noise that sounded like a violent rushing wind followed by tongues as flames of fire that sat upon them, each person there began to speak in unlearned/unknown languages in regards to that they themselves weren't taught them (Acts 2). This mirrored the day the nation of Israel received the Law/Torah almost 2,000 years earlier in that there was fire seen as well as great winds that swirled around Mount Sinai as The Lord God descended to give the Law/Torah (Teaching) to Moses and the people present in their day. On the day of Pentecost all the Apostles and disciples present in the upper room received the Holy Ghost/Spirit, which is said to be the token or guarantee of God’s promise to us through faith in Messiah/Christ and in time to come will inherit what He has promised us if we remain faithful and obedient. This sign of speaking in tongues was repeated through the book of Acts as God brought different people groups into His sheepfold along with the believing Jews (Act 10, 19). It was taught by Messiah Himself and also was exhibited by believers (John 3, Mark 16). Don’t dismiss the sign of the Covenant, it will cause us to be separated from God’s people.

Published By: Min. Christopher Bateman
Last Days Ministries Apostolic Church